Mission Statement

The purpose of the Northern California GPS Users Group (NCGPSUG) is to provide an open forum for exchange of ideas, issues and concerns about the use of GPS technology.  The Group shall operate as informally as possible to meet this purpose.
The Group membership shall be open to anyone with an interest in GPS technology in support os surveying, mapping and information system applications.  Membership is open to anyone who attends at least one meeting.

 A chairperson shall be elected from the membership in attendance at the first meeting. Future chairpersons will be elected annually or as close to the anniversary of the fist meeting as possible.  The chairperson shall have the following general responsibilities:

A Group secretary shall also be elected to assist in keeping the membership listing and minutes of the meetings.

Efforts will be made to have guest speakers at the meetings to discuss topics of interest to the general membership.

Business at any meeting shall be conducted by those members present.  There is no requirement for a quorum.  It is expected that any business so conducted will generally be representative of the membership as a whole.