CRTN Data streams from Topcon Rx now usable by ALL manufacturers' rovers (1/29/13)

The CRTN forum just posted a message regarding the long-standing problem for some rovers in using CGPS data streamed from stations with Topcon receivers.
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Also, last week a kmz file was generated to display the stations in CRTN, organized by North and South.
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go to the left column and click on the first link under the 'icon' labeled CRTN.  You can download a zipped file of the kml.

Forum: CRTN Community Notices
Subject: All RTCM3 streams okay
Posted By: ybock

Message: Previous issues with Topcon RTCM3 data streams for Trimble and Sokkia RTK users have been resolved. All CRTN RTCM3 streams can now be safely accessed by all users. See updated CRTN Access file: 

Thanks to Keith Stark, Mario Aranha, Art Andrew, Rich Maher (and crew), Dave Olander and Glen Offield for helping to resolve this nagging problem.

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